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dmp_packageOver the past few years we have received a lot of feedback from customers regarding the performance and energy efficiency of our fans during the hot summer months. The only thing lacking is how to use the fan year round. To assist with this we offer the SI (seasonal insulation) kit to help increase the R value of our unit. Lately we have been exploring the idea of getting some use from the fan during the winter. The concept of moving outside temperature air through your home doesn’t have to be limited to cool summer nights. The same technology that can cool your home can also be used to bring heat into your home. Some climates can become warm enough during the day to allow for the air to be brought inside and ultimately warm the house. Using the unit the same way you would at night for cooling during summer, in winter, the unit can be turned on when the temperature outside the home gets at or above the desired temperature inside the home. Creating these air exchanges during the day will help in warming the insulation, foundation, etc. which would otherwise have to be heated by your existing heating system. We want you to get the most out of your Airscape fan, and tips like these really help save money during this time of the year.

For further questions please contact Jeremy Batham, Airscape Technical Support 866-448-4187


Airscape announces the launch of its new Data Monitoring Package extending the web server capability of its whole house fans.

attic tempThe data monitoring package “DMP” provides extra sensors and software to allow whole house fan owners to view room, outside, and attic temperatures. Users can view the temperatures through browser enabled devices (smart phones, computers, tablets). Historical data will be aggregated and saved on AirScape servers and available by secure login.

Users can check temperatures in the house, attic, and outside remotely.

By looking at the graphs of temperatures, users can view patterns, identify trends, and decide upon the best ways to save utility costs, and optimize green energy efficiencies.

For more information, visit :

This applies to our 2nd Generation controls (shipping with 3.5eWHF and 4.4eWHF models as of July 2012) that are connected to a home network (LAN).

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Tamarack Technologies Tamarack TTi-HV3400 Ghost HV3400 Ghost R-38 Insulated Whole House Fan
Home Improvement (Tamarack Technologies)
  • 115 VAC 60Hz
  • (High Speed.) 450 Watts, (Low Speed.) 340 Watts
  • High Speed 3400 CFM, Low Speed 1900 CFM
  • Top housing: 26 1/4 L x 26 W x 14 1/8 H
  • Lower housing: 25 7/8 L x 29 1/2 W x 13 5/8 H

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GreenTech Environmental LLC GT3000 Professional-Grade High-Volume Ionic Air Purifier
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  • The GT3 combines 4 advanced technologies that don t just disguise mold, mildew, E-coli, Candida, Listeria, Staph, Salmonella, Giardia, Legionella, and Cryptosporidium;...
  • The newly-refined GT3 was built to last 10 years or more with minimum care; conceived with the retail customer in mind; it has a state-of-the-art full-function remote...
  • The side panels are designed to replicate high-tech carbon fiber, a material used in aerospace and sporting equipment that is both elegant and distinctive, and was...
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Tamarack Technologies, Inc. Ghost Whole House Fan w/ R38 Insulated Doors
Home Improvement (Tamarack Technologies, Inc.)
  • Energy efficient whole house fan cools the indoor air in your whole house!
  • Energy Efficient R-38 Insulated, Easy Installation, 2 speeds: 3400 CFM / 1900 CFM
  • Fits 16 or 24 On Center Joists - No Joist Cutting Needed
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty, Assembled in the USA
  • 6 Line Cord, UL Listed, Remote Controlled, Title 24 Compliant
Broan-NuTone Broan XB110 Ultra X1 Single-Speed Series Ventilation Fan
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  • It is single speed ventilation fan
  • Has a power usage of 120-volt, a total wattage of 7.7-watt and amperage capacity 0.2 amps
  • Without bulb
  • 110 CFM airflow capacity
  • DC motor technology
Broan-NuTone Nutone XN110L Ultra X1 Single-Speed Series Ventilation Fan with 36-watt Fluorescent Bulb and 4-watt Night Bulb
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  • Comes with 36-watt Fluorescent bulb and 4-watt Night Bulb
  • 110 CFM Airflow Capacity
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