USPTO Green technology

Wayfinder Digital conducted the first independent, in-depth analysis of the USPTO’s Green Technology Pilot Program, the Office’s program to accelerate the examination of certain “green” technology patent applications to “accelerate the development and deployment of green technology, create green jobs, and promote U.S. competitiveness in this vital sector.” Applications meeting program requirements received expedited examination without having to pay the usual fees.

The green tech program offers patent practitioners unique insight into the impact of accelerated examination programs and key metrics in a designated science and technology domain — patent pendency; participation — who benefits and participates; and the outcomes of the program in terms of the scope and breadth of the new inventions it creates. It also provides a useful framework going forward in light of the new authority under Section 25 of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act which empowers the Director of USPTO to designate certain technology to be economically important and initiate new accelerated examination processes — “for prioritization of examination of applications for products, processes, or technologies that are important to the national economy or national competitiveness without recovering the aggregate extra cost of providing such prioritization.” Green technology is expected to continue to be an important area in science and technology patents as the Obama Administration implements its enhanced second term focus on climate change, natural resources and environmental policy. A continued focus on the accelerated examination of green technology patents is expected.

The Green Technology program has taken on a new importance. Clean tech represents a major element in the economics and pubic debate over federal funding of research and development. The recent spate of high profile company failures — companies that received billions of dollars in loan guarantees and financial incentives and tax credits at state and federal levels — have caused a deceleration in funding of green technology ventures and a new dialog on whether these innovations are market ready and strong enough to succeed in the marketplace without such support.

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