Technologies Go Green

Photo Credit: Maj. Deanna Bague, Fort Bliss Public AffairsThe private sector isn't alone in its pursuit of mean-and-green, energy-conscious technologies. All branches of the U.S. military have thrown their hats into the race.

For one thing, our dependence on foreign oil has been acknowledged by the military as a strategic disadvantage. Some 80 percent of the military's energy consumption comes from oil products, according to a 2011 report on green initiatives in the armed forces by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Adam ManciniIn other words, the military can hardly fly a jet, propel a ship or move a troop without guzzling gas. The sooner our armed services quit their 375, 000-barrel-a-day binges, goes the argument, the sooner they can free themselves from the crap-shoot of oil market fluctuations and perilous entanglements with hostile regimes.

"Militaries that fail to innovate lose strategic advantage. Nations that fail to innovate lose economic edge. Clean energy innovation is an essential strategy for making the United States and its service men and women safer, stronger and more successful, " wrote the authors of the Pew report.

Photo Credit: U.S. ArmyOf course, the military is also under orders from Congress and from their commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama, a fact not lost on critics of the administration's environmental policies.

Regardless, the military is continuing to explore new ways - by land, by sea and by air - to wean itself off the oily teat of fossil fuels. Here are 10 examples of technologies and habits employed by the U.S. military that officials hope will turn out to be both environmentally sound and strategically advantageous in the long run.

1. On-Base Electric Vehicles

Photo Credit: Rich Bartell, U.S. Army Africa Public AffairsThe military is beginning to make use of small electric cars on base. These are made from recycled plastic and can reach speeds of 25 mph. The military will be slower in rolling out "green" combat vehicles, since performance is paramount to troops' safety.

2. Soldier Conformable Rechargeable Batteries (SCRB)

Thin enough to conform to soldiers’ protective chest plates, these "batteries" (not pictured) actually use a small 25-watt fuel cell and can support a 72-hour mission before recharging is necessary, according to the Pew report.

3. Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System (REPPS)

This backpack solar power system can be unrolled and used to recharge batteries in five to six hours or act as a continuous power source.

Military Goes Green Photo Credit: Dennis Simon, U.S. Central Command Photo Credit: C. Todd Lopez Photo Credit: U.S. Navy, Chief Mass Communication Specialist John Lill

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Green Green Green..... Nowadays computer technology go green..?

What is the pros and cons of this trend?

Many orginizations are coming to realize that people are starting to desire "green" products and have come up with products marketed towards that demographic. In the end it is up to the consumer to research and discern whether or not the product is actually legit or it is just a marketing scam engineered to profit from the newest trend.
As far as green technology and computers go, many companies have started releasing products that fit that description. Some actually care about the environment and others don't. I have found a company that seems to truly desire to help reduce the harm…