Names of Green Technologies

The United States Patent and Trademark Office held the first ever Cleantech Partnership Initiative meeting today in the Madison Building on the campus of the USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia. What is a “partnership initiative”? The Patent and Trademark Office has had these types of “partnerships” in other areas, such as in the biotechnology area, for some time. They are intended to provide a forum where industry can share concerns and information, including both patenting–related aspects and technology-related aspects. They are also for establishing contacts for technical training programs for examiners and helping applicants better understand the Patent Office. The goal is to hopefully lead to better filed and prosecuted applications and better issued patents. The focus of this partnership initiative is Clean Technologies, which Bruce Kisliuk (Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Patents) pointed out was in keeping with the Obama Administration desire to foster clean, green tech.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised and left the session realizing that there is hope on the horizon for clean technologies to power the U.S. and global economies. How quick we will get there is anyone’s guess, but great strides are being made already and it seems there is hope for meaningful clean, green technologies to contribute significantly to our energy future at some point during the 2020 to 2030 time frame. For those looking for a silver bullet or quick fix to $4 to $5 per gallon gasoline, this time frame doesn’t provide much relief, but it is on the horizon no doubt. I am just glad that the relevant time frame is during my reasonable life expectancy. Of course, other forms of energy will need to be the answer in the short term, but with the Patent Office and private sector in cooperation to streamline these patent applications to get early stage technologies funded and to market I can see for the first time a path to a clean technology future.

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