Investing in Green technology

Residential Applications - Building GreenSoCalGas invests over $7 million each year on research, development and demonstration of new and emerging clean, energy-efficient technologies.

Our goal is to bring these technologies to residential, commercial and industrial markets to help people reduce their energy use.

From residential and clean transportation applications to renewables, here are some examples of projects we've invested in:

Residential Applications

  • Zero energy homes
    Homes built from the ground up to be so efficient that they are net producers of energy through the use of solar and other technologies.
  • Commercial Applications

  • Automated Building Diagnostics and Control Systems
    Intelligent software to identify energy system operating problems and recommend repairs. These "smart" systems can "continuously optimize" buildings' energy use, saving energy while improving indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

    Power plantIndustrial Applications

  • Field Demonstration at Steel Mill
    SoCalGas is co-sponsoring an ongoing field demonstration of a new burner technology (RASERT) on an annealing furnace at a local steel mill located in southern California. The Reverse Annulus Single Ended Radiant Tube (RASERT) burner is a new low-emissions energy efficient burner technology, with up to 69% net NOX emissions reduction over conventional burner technologies, achieved from both a lower average internal flame temperature and a 17%—27% increase in fuel efficiency.
  • "Super Boiler"
    We're demonstrating high-efficiency and low-emissions boilers for commercial and industrial steam processes. This new boiler has the capabilities to increase energy efficiency from 80% to above 90% and to reduce NOx emissions from 12 ppm to below 9 ppm.
  • Advanced Hydrogen Production
    This project is working to convert natural gas to hydrogen for use in fuel cells in a variety of industries such as electronics, metal processing and glass manufacturing.
  • Commercial Food Service

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