High School Green technology curriculum

The exploration of social and ecological issues are embedded within a solid curriculum in mathematics, the sciences, and the humanities. Our integrated, project-based curriculum uses inquiry as a tool for students to see the interconnectedness of all academic disciplines and their relationship to the real world. Writing, which is integral to all humanities classes across the curriculum, focuses on fluency and revision. We support a community of readers to challenge students at a variety of levels. Math concepts are developed through experimentation with real life situations using manipulatives. Science curriculum uses the scientific method to discuss and grapple with relevant pressing societal issues and explore possible solutions.

Students enrolled in the Green Academy fulfill the learning community’s requirements within the Green Academy. All remaining courses needed to fulfill high school graduation and college eligibility requirements are chosen as electives from the following departments: African American Studies, Arts: Visual & Performing, Physical Education, Technology and World Languages.

* Placement into Algebra I, Honors Geometry, or higher level math based on math department assessment.

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Who decides mandatory curriculum in high school?

The local school board, guided by state curriculum, determines the mandatory classes for each year of high school in that district.