Green technology Lesson Plans

frogI love creating lesson plans-however the process can be very time consuming! Every campus, principal and even school district has their own way of submitting lesson plans. Nowadays, they are submitted online, meaning that there is a provided template to use. I have created lesson plans in Triand and Eduphoria-very time consuming. After adding in all the required information, I am not able to follow the plans in my teaching. So, what I did was to create my own very simple template. I can refer back to it while teaching, to see what is next in my lessons. It is a lesson plan template that I can read and follow and takes little time to add to and change each week.

I also have created 4 weeks of plans for each month, instead of dating the lesson plans. This is so that I can easily refer back to them based on the month and not the exact date that it was taught the previous year. So, September has Week 1, 2, 3, and 4 and October has Week 1, 2, 3 and 4…and so on. I designed the template to include the main activity that the students will do. This helps me to know the materials that I need to prepare and have ready for the week.







February Lesson Plans

I have begun creating a new style of plans, similar to those above. I am actually in the process of writing a Kindergarten curriculum, similar to the one that I used in my Houston Public School. As a curriculum specialist, I am in the process of extensivley researching the best methods and formats for teaching letters and sounds and Reading! To get these FREE lesson plans…go to the page tab at the top of my home page and click on “My Favorite Lesson Plans-Month by Month.” I labeled them by month so that you can begin them when you want. However they do build one upon another. You can even skip a whole month if your children already know their letter and sounds and can sound out simple CVC words. Teaching Reading and Phonics can be tricky and confusing. -Andrea

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MOT3 -- Lesson Plan Book, Wirebound, 6 Class Periods/Day, 11 x 8-1/2, 100 Pages, Green
Home (MOT3)


What are some of the best plans for green technology?

i think solar panels and they are trying to make water powered cars!!!

What are some of the biggest plans for green technology?

I don't mean like solar and wind. I saw a thing on national geographic about a 100% green museum. Things like that.

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