Green technology in USA

If anyone asks where the spirit of invention has gone in the United States, look no further than its green technology start-ups. New businesses are cr...

If anyone asks where the spirit of invention has gone in the United States, look no further than its green technology start-ups. New businesses are cropping up in places like Allentown and Cleveland that are creating innovative new products - domestically designed and manufactured.

Tonight, I walked into the EcoFocus conference in Manhattan with an extremely skeptical mindset, expecting to see the usual showcase of big vendors "greenwashing" products in cleverly conceived marketing campaigns, an open bar, and possibly a sprinkling of eco organizations. I left with a much more favorable impression.

Allure Energy has integrated home energy management with entertainment, Blu Homes took some cues from the "Transformers" franchise to build high-tech prefab homes, Lutron Electronics invented a dimmer switch for CFL lighting, Tremont Electric has built a wearable kinetic energy generator, and Nokero is brightening the developing world.

Remember those bulky tapedeck systems that were built into some 'state of the art' homes during the 70's and 80's? You might be unlucky enough to still have one stuck into your wall. Allure's EverSense console is voice-controlled touchscreen that will save energy by controlling your thermostat and stream music from your iPad. Future add-ons will integrate with wireless speakers placed around your home.

California and Massachusetts-­based precision homebuilder, Blu Homes announced that it has raised million in capital from two VCs. Blu makes what it calls "precision homes" that the company says will lower a family’s carbon footprint, energy use, and water use by 70%. Homes are pre-fab, so they must be shipped. Its engineers met that design challenge by building components that fold up like a Transformer, said spokesperson Dana Smith.

One of the biggest gripes people have with CFL bulbs is that they won't work with a dimmer switch. Pennsylvania's Luton Electronics redesigned the switch. Its booth was demonstrating in-wall switches and a plug-in dimmer for lamps. I'll note that the packaging says that the lamp switch is assembled in St. Kitts. The company is privately held, and would not share sales figures. The switches are currently on sale at Home Depot and Lowes home improvement stores.

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