Green technology flooring

Green building with Tate Access Floors means improved personal comfort controlAccess floor technology provides a green solution for a highly livable indoor environment while reducing costs and increasing worker productivity.

With air distribution managed under the access flooring, your facilities have the ability to deliver improved personal thermal comfort control, better acoustics, enhanced ventilation effectiveness and improved indoor air quality. Such a comfortable environment goes a long way to reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity while attracting new workers and increasing retention.

With underfloor distribution of power, voice, wire, cabling, and HVAC services, access floors enable a cost-effective integration of building components, including structure, lighting, furniture and wall systems. This imparts a great deal of flexibility to infrastructure systems so that you can respond quickly and economically to organizational changes, expansion due to growth, adapting to new technologies and integrating new communication tools.

Modular “plug & play” power wiring and zone cabling allow you the flexibility of responding to equipment layout and technology changes quickly, easily and with almost no wasted materials.

Green building means more flexibility when it comes to quick and easy change to equipment layout and technology upgrades.Conventional construction requires a large ceiling void space to accommodate fixed service pathways such as HVAC ductwork and drop-down ceilings. With underfloor servicing, that void space can be eliminated thus reducing the slab-to-slab height and providing significant savings in construction materials. Also, there are more opportunities for increased day-lighting.

Durable and providing long-term service, access floors are easy to install and maintain. They also present lower costs for operating power, communication and air services. Typically, underfloor HVAC solutions utilize less fan energy than a conventional ceiling solution.

Tate products are manufactured in the USA (less shipping energy) with 30% recycled content.

Improved personal comfort control. Modular "plug & play" wiring and cabling for quick changes. Eliminating a large ceiling void (left) provides big saving in construction materials and more opportunities for daylight.

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