Green technology business opportunities

To boost green-tech sales, the PRC government has offered subsidies to consumers who buy electric cars. (China Foto Press)

Regulatory reform has paved the way for green-tech opportunities, but economics will determine what succeeds.Three decades of torrential economic growth have created significant opportunities for green technology in China. Green technology is a new and imprecisely defined term that is often applied to production, distribution, disposal, and products. Products and processes that use green tech are energy efficient, have a low environmental impact, and are consistent with best practices in environmental monitoring and management standards.

The scale of China’s environmental damage, and the burgeoning awareness and commitment to rectify it, will drive demand for commercial solutions for years to come. But with an intense focus on short-term profit, most buyers respond primarily to the price and speed with which technology can deliver value, instead of its environmental impact.

Barlow figure 1The fact that green tech is in play shows that environmental concerns are widespread. Recognizing that China’s development cannot be sustained without environmental reform, senior PRC leaders tasked with boosting the country’s technological development, infrastructure, and employment are also promoting plans for industrial scalability, efficiency, and quality. Identifying and understanding specific investment opportunities and their pros and cons will enable foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) to play a significant role in China’s green-tech boom, mapping out long-term strategies in a country that rewards long-term commitments.

Regulatory and investment environment

Enforcement of PRC laws often falls to local-level officials. They may interpret a law differently than central-level officials, who tend to understand the law and its intended effects better. Proper implementation of national-level laws at the provincial or county level, where environmental damage is most severe, thus takes time. Last year the PRC State Council elevated the State Environmental Protection Administration to ministerial status to emphasize the importance of environmental issues and give the new ministry the power to codify and enforce environmental regulations. But the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s power is still relatively weak, especially in the face of established pro-growth policies and the resulting mindset of local officials who tend to prioritize economic growth.

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Information technology is the application of computer, telecommunication equipment for storing, processing, encrypting, and modifying of the data for the enterprise or any other business.
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