Green Technologies for LNG industry

Key Data
  • Type Double hull barge
  • Order Year 2012
  • Construction Completed 2013
  • Number of tanks Six
  • Builder Peter Shipyards, Netherlands
  • Operator Interstream Barging (ISB)

LNG Greenstream is the first of two -powered barges being built by Peters Shipyards in Kampen, Netherlands. The two barges are chartered by Shell to transport liquid fuels along the Rhine River. The barges are the first of their kind for Shell and the inland marine industry. Dutch company, Interstream Barging (ISB), will manage the barges.

The two inland vessels were ordered in 2012. LNG Greenstream was launched in March 2013 and delivered to Shell in April 2013. The second vessel, Greenrhine, was christened in September 2013.

The gasoil-free, LNG tankers are designed with advanced safety and efficiency features, and will operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

LNG Greenstream design

The LNG Greenstream is a fully electrically-powered LNG barge incorporating a double hull built of mild steel. She has an overall length of 110m and beam of 11.4m, while the length between perpendiculars is 109.5m and draught is 3.46m.

The 2, 877dwt inland tanker has six cargo tanks with a capacity to carry 3, 124m³ of mineral oils and chemicals. The impact-resistant IJsselhuid shell plating allows for provision of larger cargo tanks. The U-shaped ballast tanks in the tanker shield the cargo tanks from impact on the sides or the bottom.

The wheelhouse is distinctly placed at forward of the hull for better trim and weight distribution. The design is relatively safer as the crew's ahead vision is less obstructed.

Propulsion details of the LNG Greenstream tanker

The electric system of the LNG Greenstream is accredited not only for its lower fuel consumption, but also for its increased safety and redundancy. The propulsion system reduces the carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by 25% and 80%, respectively. Further, no sulphur oxide and particulate matters are discharged.

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