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Logo for reduce reuse recycleReduce, Reuse and Recycle is more than just an elementary concept. On a personal level it can inspire simple changes in lifestyle that can have a seriously positive impact on the environment. And on a grand scale it is driving technological innovation every day that is helping us build a better, healthy world to live in. Read more about how a number of GreenAngel Energy investee companies are working to help incorporate the 3 Rs into their technology.

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In a recently released McKinsey Global Institutes report entitled Resource Revolution: Meeting the world’s energy, materials, food, and water needs, the minds at McKinsey took a deep look into the state of the planet and have provided insights into how society can adjust to meet the needs of the growing population. This article discusses the McKinsey findings and features the GAE investee companies that are in line with this research.

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Resource Revolution: Meeting the world’s energy, materials, food, and water needsLately it seems as though “sustainability” is everywhere in business. While in the past we used to think of sustainability simply as economic sustainability, the ability to remain a going concern, today it has a very different connotation. Now when we talk about sustainability it’s about much more than just being competitive. Sustainability is about a firm’s ability to function as a business while being aware of its impact on society and the environment, simultaneously focusing on key business functions.

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As Metro Vancouver continues its commitment to ongoing betterment of its wastewater treatment process, companies like Paradigm Environmental Technologies are starting to become more and more integral to this commitment. Paradigm’s MicroSludge technology provides ways to help Metro Vancouver achieve their goals and they have recognized this in recent decisions.Problem is Opportunity Blackboard Concept With just about every major municipality having wastewater treatment facilities that use digesters, MicroSludge is well positioned to capitalize on any municipality’s desires to create new revenue and reduce costs.

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MicroSludge® is a simple process that destroys the bacterial cells of waste activated sludge (WAS). It is the simplicity of design, highly qualified management and engineers, and the overall success of the product that makes Paradigm and Microsludge® a perfect investee company for GreenAngel Energy. With Federal Minister Stockwell Day on board, Microsludge® is poised to revolutionize BC’s Pulp and Paper Industry.

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Federal Minister Stockwell Day announced the project that could revolutionize BC’s Pulp and Paper Industry. The minister for the Asia Pacific Gateway, was so committed to the project that he provided $2.5-million of taxpayer money to help fund the project.

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