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Solution Architure

GreenEdge follows a three-layered architecture for addressing the enterprise and product carbon footprinting and sustainability performance management needs as represented diagrammatically below.

At the top of the solution, there is Reporting and Analytics which provides reporting, dashboarding and analytics on sustainability and carbon metrics.

The middle layer comprises Sustainability and Carbon Process management which allows for processing of information according to various sustainability and carbon management standards such as GHG (Greenhouse Gases) Accounting Protocol.

At the foundation of the solution, there is robust enterprise integration layer which allows to integrate carbon and sustainability information from diverse ERP applications and IT systems.

The solution has been built using leading enterprise technologies such as Adobe Flex and leverage open integration interfaces such as SAP BAPIs. The current version of GreenEdge is 1.0.

GamEdge Carbon Management Option - HCL TechFlexibility and Options for Sustainability and Carbon Management using GreenEdge

GreenEdge provides options and flexibility to feed enterprise and product sustainability and carbon information into SAP solutions such as Carbon Impact and Environmental Compliance for carbon reporting and SuPM (Sustainability Performance Management) for sustainability reporting. Carbon and Sustainability data from GreenEdge can also be fed into other SAP reporting solutions such as BusinessObjects Xcelsis.

From a solution standpoint, GreenEdge is an end-to-end solution comprising HCL and partner ecosystem for Sustainability and Carbon Management Consulting; and Solution Implementation for GreenEdge software and SAP Sustainability solutions as well as application support.

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