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A healthful, peaceful futures depends upon alternative energies — solar, wind, geothermal, hydro and biofuel -– and yet the demand for workers in these industries is far beyond the supply. By earning a degree in sustainable energy technology you’ll be virtually assured of many career options.

You can start working with wind, solar and other options with just an associate degree. Jobs you can do with associate, bachelor and master degrees are discussed below. Typical salaries are listed too.

Video #1: Meet a Wind Power Technician

Jeremiah Dye is a wind turbine technician and community college instructor in Danville, Illinois. Watch this video to learn about the wind power industry and see a day on the job.

Many degree types are available in sustainable energy technology and related fields.

One option is to earn an associate degree in sustainable energy technology. It’s equivalent to two years of college and will provide you with an overview of the field. You can earn the associate degree online from and other reputable schools.

You’ll study topics such as scientific notation, residential wiring, photovoltaics, direct current and alternating current fundamentals, hydraulic systems, VOM meter use, using oscilloscopes, and reading schematic diagrams.

Top programs include summer internships to provide you with real-world experience and help you make professional connections.

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Upon graduating from an associate degree program you can enter the workforce in positions such as wind farm technician, energy auditor or energy maintenance specialist. Or, transfer your credits to a bachelor’s degree program in renewable energy or a related field such as engineering.

A bachelor of science degree program in sustainable energy engineering can prepare you for a rewarding career as an energy planner or engineer. These degree programs begin with courses in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Upper-level courses address electrical and mechanical engineering, wind power, biofuels, fuel cells, green building and other subjects involving renewable energy.

If you go on to earn a master’s degree or law degree, you’ll be well on your way to a high-paid, high-power career. Some potential job titles include environmental lawyer, specialized investment adviser and energy executive.

You can earn an online graduate certificate in sustainable energy tech from the .

Video #2: Meet an Environmental Engineer

Tamar Losleben is an environmental engineer and water treatment specialist in New York. Watch this video to learn about her work and water engineering more generally.

How Much Do People Earn in Sustainable Energy Technology?

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