Critics of Green technology

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Although Cache Valley suffers from numerous unhealthy “red-air" days due to winter inversions that trap local vehicular, fireplace and agricultural pollutants, opposition to solving environmental problems could come from perceptions that it may result in bigger government and unnecessary taxes that threaten personal freedom and economic prosperity.

USU President Stan Albrecht, nonetheless, signed onto the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) in 2007, requiring USU to achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2050. The university established a Sustainability Council, involving faculty and staff to initiate and monitor energy conservation and carbon emissions across campus to comply with ACUPCC. The student-proposed Blue Goes Green grant initiative, modeled after other universities’ sustainability programs, was an outgrowth of that commitment.

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When was green technology invented?

Actually, technology has always been green until it became bad for the evironment. The older technology doesn't use electricity or gass or oil. It just works on natural energy or on human/animal energy. (Like a windmill or a watermill.)
But because non-green technology is much more efficient it rapidly replaced the green technology.
Since a few years, green technology is making a come back.