Applied Green Technologies

GFL Technology

(1) Non-toxic product
The Hg-free GFL(Green Flat fluorescent Lamp) is designed to be an environmental friendly light source. Different with conventional Hg-base lamp(e.g. CCFL), this Hg-free GFL does not use the Hg as the lighting material, the Hg is notorious in its toxic to human being and environment. Instead of Hg, Applied Green Light Taiwan, Inc.(AGL) designs the Hg-free GFL by using Xenon(Xe) gas as lighting material.

(2) Born to be flat
Another feature of AGL Hg-free GFL is “FLAT”, this lamp is born to be flat. This “flat” feature can easily extend the lighting application in wide aspects, a typical example is to apply this flat lamp as the backlight of TFT-LCD. The TFT-LCD can not emit light itself, it needs a flat backlighting to enable the vivid pictures. The flat, slim, bright characteristics of Hg-free GFL just perfectly meets the requirement of LCD backlighting.

The physics characters of Hg-free GFL

The light from AGL Hg-free GFL is a new way different with the conventional one. The light is generated in 2 steps:
(1) Xe based Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) to generate UV
(2) UV-Phosphor wavelength transformation to generate visible light

-Xe based DBD to generate UV
To produce light, the Hg-free GFL employs the physics of DBD to generate the UV source as the first step. The electrons are drove by a AC source to discharge within the sealed chamber. The discharged electrons hit the Xe gas and generate UV light, the emitted UV source are mainly on the wavelength of 147nm and 172nm. The UV in this range can only transmit in vacuum and decay very soon in air or glass media. This UV is so called Vacuum UV (VUV) because it can only exist in vacuum. This feature bring another advantage of Hg-free GFL: no UV can be leakage outside the lamp. The transmission of VUV to glass is zero. No UV is possible to reach user. This leads the Hg-free GFL not only an environment friendly product but also a healthy one.

-UV-Phosphor to generate visible light
Certain phosphor material lifetime is sensitive to mercury, the selection is limited for color gamut improvement. However, Xe discharge lamp has no such limitation to select suitable phosphors to achieve perfect color gamut.

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