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BUSSE Green Technologies Inc.
Ingo Schaefer
P.O. Box 1123
Oak Park, Illinois 60304

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Waste Water Recycling

The Busse MBR technology reliably ensures the cleaning and disinfection of domestic waste water by a stable biological process and the membrane barrier. Due to this the waste water is made fit for use as re-use water.

The operating costs of the plant are only a fraction of the costs for drinking water and the charges for waste water. Therefore recycling is an ecological alternative – especially as the re-use water can be used for watering the garden or flushing toilets. With additional modules it can also be used for washing machines or to fill up pools, etc.

With plants from about 20 inhabitants the use of the residual heat from the waste water is also possible.

Waste water recycling in public buildings

For hotels as well as campgrounds, etc., waste water recycling is one the possible applications of the Busse MBR technology. It restores waste water to a hygienic condition fit for use as re-use water, for example, flushing the toilets.

Waste water recycling in apartment buildings

The possibility to restore waste water for use as re-use water is also possible in apartment buildings. It can be used for flushing toilets or to supply washing machines. It can as well be used for watering lawns and gardens. The use of the residual heat from the waste water is also possible.

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