Green Resources for Transportation

Dubai_Marina2_v2-300x225SkyRide Technologyhas developed a breakthrough new transportation solution that will revolutionize the way people move about our planet and will be a solution to some of society’s most critical issues. This human-powered, elevated, monorail technology is a 100% carbon free and profitable product that has solutions for sustainable transportation, health and wellness, eco-tourism, recreation and rehabilitation for wounded war veterans, the elderly, and people with special needs.

Social Value Proposition

The dynamic nature of SkyRide Technology gives this company a great opportunity to address a variety of our country’s and world’s most prevalent challenges. Transportation, health and fitness, and services for members of our communities with special needs or the elderly are the driving force behind the development and advancement of SkyRide Technology.

Sustainable Urban Transportation and Community “Livability”

Burj_Khalifa1_v2-200x300SkyRide can provide connectivity over waterways.

It is widely accepted that a main goal of a sustainable urban transport system is to limit emissions and waste within the planet’s ability to absorb them, use renewable resources at or below their rates of generation, and, use non-renewable resources at or below the rates of development of renewable substitutes while minimizing the impact on land.

Many aspects to the urban transportation problem are linked to the dominance of the automobile. Nationally, counting time and fuel wasted, urban congestion costs about $9 billion per year. The root cause of congestion is simple to identify, namely: a severe shortfall of urban transportation system capacity relative to demand. Other key issues the American society must face is our reliance on oil that coming predominately from unreliable, unpredictable foreign sources. This dependence puts the U.S. in a vulnerable position that can potentially affect the quality of life and jeopardize the safety of our citizens.

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What products resources are transported through the great lakes?

oil and logs Canada is one of the most leading industry's of oil and forestry