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The possible face of sustainability run outGreen living is a lifestyle that involves using one’s own resources to reduce dependence on the natural resources of the Earth. In this green living blog we discuss and review a wide range of eco-friendly products, services and companies who offer 'green' alternatives for you and your family. These can range from alternative diets and means of transportation or energy consumption to home recycling, green toys, gift ideas, greener shopping and pet care. Green living alternatives for the home and family.

Achieving overall sustainability through green initiatives and investments

How do you maintain your environmental credentials/ Are you sure that the easiest life style is always the choice or would you rather have a more long-term approach by society? Have a look at the questions we raise here..

Achieving overall sustainability through green initiatives and investmentsThe possible face of sustainability run out

When we grow, the incredible result is often poverty and pollution. The corrections needed in our world mean we have to stop behaving as if we have the resources of 5 plants or even just 3. This is only "One Earth" and we must adjust accordingly - and immediately.

Are you interested in ''how cities can contribute to the advancement of sustainable development and address issues including water, energy and waste?'' Think you could write 500-600 words on the topic?

Writing Your Free Ticket for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2014Masdar Sustainability Blogging Contest

Masdar is launching its annual global sustainability debate at ADSW again. The blogging contest will appeal to a very wide range of people, focussing on cities and sustainable development.

This trash blog is ecological gold

When you seek the Fountain of Youth, you should not look any more in North America. The place is filling up quickly with waste of all shapes and sizes - check with Phil.

Is it wrong to eat meat?

Do we really need to eat meat so much in this world of drought and famine. Our body systems don't fit many of the fast food diets that we stick down our throats, so why not change?

Masdar Sustainability Blogging ContestGreek Yogurt: Whey too much?

The environmental impact of Greek yogurt production. Greek style yogurt is made by removing the liquid whey, which is why it so thick and creamy. As such it requires much more milk to make it.

Bee Death - Simple Prevention Efforts You can Do

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is badly affecting bees and many of 'the bee family', so what should and can we do to help?

Sea Turtles Dig the Dark

Artificial lighting kills thousands of sea turtles every year, it disorients newborn sea turtle hatchlings, which are trying to find their way to the sea. The The Sea Turtle Conservancy has highlighted this environmental issue and is implementing a program to educate people and address the problem.

China versus Japan; the winner: Pollution

When the Chinese began to exploit their coal reserves and started creating more electricity for their growing factories, they simply ignored many anti-pollution possibilities.

A carrier bag tax is coming to a shop near you

It is likely before 2015 the government will announce an end to the free plastic carrier bag in England. But should a tax or ban be introduced on carrier bags?

This trash blog is ecological gold Is it wrong to eat meat? Greek Yogurt: Whey too much? Bee Death - Simple Prevention Efforts You can Do

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