Green Design Resources in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Drought-Tolerant Succulent Wall

Xeriscape & Native Landscapes

The concept of Xeriscape design is based on the conservation of water and the use of natural materials and plant species that are drought tolerant and sustainable given their environment. It Involves:

  • careful planning and design
  • soil improvement using organic matter to increase moisture content
  • turf management, using minimal turf areas or low-water turf varieties
  • drought-tolerant or native plant selection and their grouping in specific areas requiring the same watering needs
  • efficient irrigation practices, such as "smart systems" that recognize moisture content or drip systems that lessen evaporation
  • use of mulches: organic (compost, wood chips, bark, etc.) or others such as gravels, cobbles or decomposed granite
  • on-going garden maintenance to ensure long-term health and appearance

Water Management

There are two approaches when it comes to the use of water, use it more efficiently and create alternative sources. When combined they can save you money and be immensely effective in cutting down on the use of our potable water resources.

Intelligent Irrigation

CysternsHere is a list of the water reduction and long-term money saving products currently available. When used in combination, the water and financial savings become even greater.

  • Rotary Nozzles - (15-45% water savings)
  • High Efficiency Nozzles (30% water savings)
  • Above Ground Landscape Drip (30-50% less water than sprinklers)
  • Sub-Surface Capillary Irrigation Systems (50% water savings)
  • Wireless Water Sensors & Control Valves (60% water savings) The sensors analyze soil moisture and temperature and determine when and how long to water

Rain & Graywater Collection

These are two sources of water that are free and available to every home owner.


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What is the best resource for ADA accessibility design guidelines in Los Angeles?

At a preliminary plan check at the Disabled Access department, the checker directed us to the LADBS website. The graphic illustrations there seemed to be limited, does anyone know if there's another book or website that has more information? We're adding a raised outdoor seating area to a restaurant.
Also, does anyone know how closely LA code follows standard ADA guidelines - can I refer there?

I have no idea. But have you asked another place that has done the same thing? They would probably be glad to tell you where they went.