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green buildings and sustainable constructionGlobally, buildings are responsible for one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. In the U.S., the impact is even greater, with nearly 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions coming from commercial and residential buildings. Why are buildings such large contributors to greenhouse gas emissions? One, buildings typically rely on dirty energy sources for their power. And two, most buildings don’t use energy efficiently.

improve building codes to create greener buildingsBecause buildings are such a big part of the problem, they’re an equally big part of the solution. To create greener buildings, we need to improve energy and water efficiency, reduce waste and pollution, transition to renewable energy sources, and use sustainable buildings materials. These strategies can reduce energy consumption in buildings by 30-80 percent. LEARN MORE

“There is no doubt any longer that green buildings are some of the best investments we can make.”

improve solar permitting process for sustainable building-Hillary Clinton, Greenbuild 2013


Wondering what you can do to help? Here are some actions you can take to help green the buildings in your city:

Success Stories

Los Angeles recently announced that it will be imposing a new mandate in 2014…

A lot of the trouble with greening cities stems from the fact that it’s…

When a tornado devastated their community in 2007, the residents of Greensburg, Kansas vowed…

support pace financing for green building construction Los Angeles Using White Roofs to Combat Climate Change Songdo,  South Korea Aims to be World’s Greenest City The Transformation of a Kansas School

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