Executive Order Green Procurement

Green Initiative Analysis - TreesCourtney Consulting Solutions will offer professional guidance on how to do business with the government with an eye towards increasing your competitiveness for green contracts. ‘Greening’ the government is identified as a top federal initiative giving high priority to contractors that use best practices and solutions to help make their operations as environmentally friendly as possible.

There are many misconceptions businesses have. They think going green is hard, inconvenient or expensive. Even today, many think you can’t do the right thing and still make a profit. However, more and more businesses are doing well and doing right at the same time through improved efficiencies or favorable life cycle costs.

We can help you realize the value and opportunity associated with green practices for people, planet and profits. If you are novice at marketing green products and services, take the time to learn the terminology and process. Studies show that environmental protection and small business profit can go hand in hand. CCS can provide the insight, inspiration and tools to create and implement sustainable solutions.

The Competitive Advantage of Going Green
Learn how to position your business to win government contracts under the proposed five percent "Green Contracting Goal". Congress and the Presidential administration have become aggressive about pushing agencies to adopt more environmentally friendly management and procurement practices as the cost of oil fluctuates and the issue of climate change moves towards the forefront of national political agenda. From the President down, a powerful message is being sent that the environment is taken seriously and the federal government is taking the lead on green purchases.

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