DoDs Green Procurement Program

Jared Serbu, DoD reporter, Federal News Radio

In the Defense Department, operating under a continuing resolution means the military has more money in its overall acquisition accounts for 2013 than it requested. That is, until sequestration took effect, slicing each program's funding by approximately 9 percent.

The Pentagon doesn't plan to cancel any of those programs, at least for now. But it is trying to minimize the damage caused by the cuts.

In the turbulent 2013 federal budget environment, Pentagon leaders are most worried about the shortfalls in their operation and maintenance accounts and the impact on military readiness. The autopilot continuing resolution from 2012 means the O&M accounts are significantly underfunded.

Frank Kendall, undersecretary of defense for acquisition, logistics and technology, DoD

But that's not to say the military services' modernization programs won't suffer. There are roughly 2, 500 in all, and each will suffer its own sequestration cut irrespective of its importance to the current defense strategy.

"The mode that we're in for fiscal year 2013 is basically damage limitation, " said Frank Kendall, the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, logistics and technology. "We've got to make some adjustments. This is doing an enormous amount of damage. It is working against all of the things on my list right now."

Kendall has five objectives on his priority list:

  • Developing affordable procurement programs
  • Supporting current military operations
  • Evolving DoD to a more efficient acquisition system
  • Improving the health of the defense industry
  • Building and sustaining a top notch DoD acquisition workforce.

That last item is becoming more and more difficult in the current budget environment, Kendall told a conference organized by McAleese and Associates and Credit Suisse in Washington Tuesday.

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