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New Work: Urban Green Council

Since its founding in 1993, the U.S. Green Building Council has established itself as the nation’s leading advocate for sustainability in the built environment, most prominently as the developer of the now-ubiquitous LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. As the group’s largest chapter, the U.S.USGBCNY_oldlogo.jpg Green Building Council New York Chapter has enjoyed considerable influence not only in metropolitan New York, but as a model for sustainability in cities around the world. But despite its considerable success, the chapter suffered an identity crisis, being frequently confused with the national organization and saddled with a ponderous, unpronounceable eight-letter acronym.

Pentagram worked with the USGBCNY’s leadership and board to create a new name and a new graphic identity.USGBCNY_seal_Logo_450.jpg The new name, Urban Green, emphasizes the institution’s considerable expertise in city-based environmental issues while evoking the secondary meaning of “green” as a city commons. The graphic identity evokes the density of urban life and the city blocks of Midtown Manhattan. The geometric Urban Green identity is meant to complement and coexist with the handsome USGBC seal, designed by Stephen Doyle.

The graphic identity extends to all the group’s communications, from its website to print publications. It also has the potential to serve as a visual call to action for environmental awareness in any urban area around the world.

USGBCNY_02_sm.jpg USGBCNY_13_sm.jpg USGBCNY_14_sm.jpg USGBCNY_16_sm.jpg

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Why is my area so green and about upgrading everything to be energy efficient especially in large urban areas?

You are lucky to live in such a city that thinks this way. We are facing a future full of economical hardship and environmental unbalances if we do not start to reduce everything that is contributing to all this. We also need to reduce and eventually put an end to our reliance on fossil fuels. The future of transportation should be entirely electric or hydrogen or some type of natural resource thats safe for the environment. We depend too much on oil reserves which in my opinion is whats damaging the economy and is the reason why we are at war in the middle east. Think about it, easter…