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Partnership Turns Foreclosure Challenges into Green Opportunities

In Atlanta Enterprise, The Home Depot Foundation and Southface have teamed up with the city of Atlanta to generate funding incentives for the creation of healthy, energy-efficient affordable homes.

The Green Home Advantage program, sponsored by Enterprise, The Home Depot Foundation and Southface, ensures that all Atlanta properties acquired through the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) meet a set of baseline green requirements developed by Enterprise and the city of Atlanta. Housing developers rehabbing Atlanta’s NSP properties can gain access to a range of tools and resources:

  • Training sessions covering the green baseline and more aggressive requirements
  • A green checklist
  • Green single-family rehabilitation specifications
  • Grants for developers who want to surpass the baseline green requirements

A New Green Baseline

The new green baseline features common elements of the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, the first national standard for green affordable housing. The features also incorporate aspects of EarthCraft, the criteria developed by Southface, a leader in environmental sustainability and resource-efficient homes and communities throughout the Southeast.

The green baseline will improve the efficiency and quality of Atlanta’s anticipated 400 homes acquired through NSP. It also will provide critical data to inform and strengthen the city’s affordable green building initiatives.

Helping Developers Exceed the Baseline

Developers who receive a Green Home Advantage Grant to exceed the green baseline requirements also gain technical assistance from Southface. Grant recipients can learn about energy performance testing, green building techniques and how to achieve EarthCraft certification.

The Green Home Advantage Grant helps developers integrate green building at the start of each project. Overall, the requirements aim to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent by incorporating stronger requirements for insulation, Energy Star appliances and lighting, and HVAC equipment. The requirements of the grant will also improve ventilation and incorporate non-toxic paints, carpets and other materials that can prevent respiratory and other health risks for children and adults.

The above-baseline measures are expected to be incorporated into the rehabbing of an estimated 100 units. Grantees will receive EarthCraft certification and be eligible for certification through Enterprise Green Communities.

Building a Green Future for Atlanta

Enterprise will evaluate the impact of the Green Home Advantage program by examining energy and water performance one year from the date of occupancy for rehabbed properties.

In partnership with the city of Atlanta, Enterprise will also compare the performance between sample units meeting baseline green requirements and those that incorporate more aggressive measures.

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