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A passive solar design for your home can warm it in the winter with little outside power and help to keep it cool in the summer. However, it won't operate your lights, heat your water, power your computer or television, or keep you completely comfortable in summer. For that you need energy.

By now, the vast majority of us are aware that we must end our deadly dependence on fossil fuels for energy without using nuclear energy as a substitute. In order to do that, we must convert to clean, renewable technologies such as solar and wind. The fact that renewable energy installed at home also saves us money is not only a definite plus, it also offers a return on our money.

Is heating your pool really green?


Having a pool is not exactly green since it uses an enormous amount of electricity and water. However, heating a pool with natural gas, propane, or electricity from the grid is even less green.

So, if you are going to heat a pool, do it with solar!

Add Fun with Solar Heat
Pool Blankets
Pool Cooling

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People look at the economics of a renewable energy system in a skewed manner. Once you install a solar system, for example, even a small one, you are saving a certain amount of money each month, even if you are not saving the entire electricity bill. Take an up-to-date look at the costs and economics of installing solar at this website You could be inspired to make a good investment in a time when good investments are few and far between.

Also, be aware that a total renewable energy system does not have to be installed all at one time. It is possible to build your clean and renewable energy system over time and begin earning a return on your money right away.

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What makes solar energy green?

It does not release pollutants into the air.

How to Convert Your Home to Solar Energy

Energy independence and an eco-friendly future are priorities for many homeowners today. A home solar energy system is a great way to achieve these goals. If you live in a conventionally powered home, you may be considering a switch to solar energy.