Green Mountain Renewable Energy

IMG_0036By Marion McParland

Once considered a novelty for environmentally conscious homeowners, solar energy panels have become mainstream. With the cost of solar panel systems decreasing more than 50 percent since 2010, this energy producing method is now a very realistic and affordable option for many homeowners. Combined with federal and state incentives, as well as energy-efficient mortgages (which figure in lower energy costs when calculating how much a buyer qualifies to borrow) the value of investing in this renewable technology is outweighing the cost.

Green Mountain Energy is leading the way for solar energy in the Delaware Valley, and nationally, in this growing industry. As part of their mission to support non-profits, Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™ revealed its plans last night at the PHS Pop Up Garden to donate a new solar installation at PHS Meadowbrook Farm. The , 000 solar project is set to be completed this fall.IMG_0059 Once installed, the panel will help power Meadowbrook Farm with 100% renewable energy and power the greenhouses used to grow plants for the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show. Guests at the Pop Up Garden reception were invited to sign the back of the solar panel.

“Green Mountain Energy has been an avid PHS supporter for the past few years and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship, ” said Nick Pytel, Associate Director of Business Development at PHS. “Their $40, 000 donation of solar panels for Meadowbrook Farm is just one example of their continued generosity and support of PHS.”

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How green are renewable sources of energy?

It depends on which renewable source you are talking about.
Solor power is a renewable energy source because we will not run out of it, but the manufacture of solar panels is very expensive and not a very green process.
Burning wood is renewable source of energy because we can grow more trees.
Hydropower is renewable because we don't use up the water as it powers the turbines. The water remains available for wildlife and recreation; however, the building of dams is sometimes (but not always) harmful to the environment.
Wind power is renewable because the wind just keeps on coming, but the…