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Why go green?

As of 2010, Green Mountain Power gets 44 percent of its electricity from hydropower sources. Hydropower, or hydroelectricity, is generated from the force of moving water. Although it's one of the more reliable renewable energy resources, it also impacts water ecology and creates downstream issues. Water is diverted in the production of power to turn large underwater turbines, but the diversion decays the vegetation in the water over time. As vegetation dies, the ecosystem is unable to naturally cleanse itself and a buildup of methane gas can occur. The methane gas is emitted into the air, adding to the greenhouse gas effects that results in climate change and global warming. Dams, used to harness energy from water flow, can harm rivers and streams by disrupting natural water flow. As water is released from dams, it alters the water temperature and oxygen levels, which can endanger fish and wildlife that depend on the water for survival. Too much dependence on this renewable energy resource without a solid plan to mitigate environmental damage will lead to more environmental problems in the near future.

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Why is south african mountain tortases going under ground?

I have no idea what you're talking about, but if the South African Mountain Tortoises go underground during the summer, then it's probably to stay cool, hibernate until the rainy season, or if they stay there it's to conserve energy.

What is the phone number to Green Mountain Energy

Customer service for Green Mountain Energy Mon. - Fri. 8am - 8pm (Central Time) Call 866-785-4668.