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How do you ... design an energy-efficient apartment and community center for a university?

Summary: The Green Building Initiative (GBI) last month recognized two University of Arkansas buildings for achieving official Green GlobesĀ® designations for sustainable design and construction. The Duncan Avenue Apartments and the Duncan Avenue Community Center were both recognized at an Earth Day ceremony. Ward Hubbell, president of the GBI, presented leaders from the University of Arkansas with plaques for the buildings' environmental achievements. The apartment building and community center, opened in fall 2008, are part of the University of Arkansas housing. The design for each focuses on energy and water efficiency. The Duncan Avenue Apartments is the first apartment in the U.S. to be Green Globes certified.

Green Globes is an environmental assessment and rating system used by the GBI for commercial buildings. More than 55 buildings in the U.S. have achieved this rating. Both the Duncan Avenue Apartment and the Duncan Avenue Community Center received the Green Globes designations for sustainable design. Each was designed by Allison Architects, Inc. and Little Diversified Arch. Consulting.

Energy and water efficient
The Duncan Avenue Apartment building is a three-story, 57, 800-square-foot complex. The building was recognized for its integrated project design team. Also, the GBI recognized the apartment's water-efficient equipment, such as dual flush fixtures and water-saving fixtures on faucets and showerheads. Rounding out the project's sustainable design are its high indoor air quality, effective lighting, thermal comfort, and suitable acoustic conditions.

The Duncan Avenue Community Center is a two-story, 3, 400-square-foot building recognized for environmental purchasing, including the procurement of energy-saving, high-efficiency equipment. Sustainable features that were recognized include mitigation of storm water runoff and energy-efficient lighting fixtures, lamps, and ballasts.

"The University of Arkansas' new sustainable buildings prove that all types of structures, from apartments to community centers, can be designed and built in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, " says Hubbell.

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