Green Energy working models

Workflow Map + IconWe at the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop are trying to influence architecture and engineering practice through education. One exciting thing we’ve been delving into recently is workflows for high performance building design.

We found that at both the Danish Technological Institute (and NewBIM) and Stantec were trying to map out processes to incorporate energy modeling into mainstream architecture practice. This is important because energy modeling and passive design analyses are often either not done, or done too late in the process that they are only valuable for verification purposes, not meaningful design solutions.

Technology changes quickly and processes change more slowly

Software tools are born and can evolve very quickly. The development of new tools tends to be driven by small teams of innovative and dedicated people working closely together, taking risks, and trying new things.

Processes in established industries like the building trade don’t evolve so fast. Firms have established ways of working, and adopting new tools and different methods is risky because it can interfere with short-term productivity and profits.

Stantec Icons

Stantec’s Energy Modeling Workflow map serves as a touchstone for teams
to integrate new processes and stay on the same page throughout ambiguous projects.

Workflow maps allow processes to be understood, improved, and integrated quickly

Workflow maps can be immensely valuable to help designers and design teams more comfortably adopt new processes.

Whether those workflows are “homegrown” or come from experts, they build confidence because they serve as a roadmap and reference for how the process can and should work. It can help project managers, who may be skeptical of trying something new, better understand exactly what they’re getting into – and how it can help improve their project outcomes.

The architects and engineers at Stantec started this project because they wanted to better define their energy modeling process to THEMSELVES first - so they could explain it better to their colleagues and others in industry. While it may seem like this is adding a complicated tool to an already complicated process, the goal is to simplify the process by making it more explicit and removing ambiguity.

Preschematic Design Stantec-CD

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