Green Energy research Grants

Tsunami Research - $6, 723 Awarded (2013)

Rebekah Green, associate director of the Resilience Institute at Western's Huxley College of the Environment, and two of her students are trying to determine what else beach visitors might expect to see washed up on the shore.

Green and one undergraduate from both the Bellingham and Port Angeles campuses received a $6, 723 grant from Jefferson County to research and organize data from past beach cleanups, and track the change in debris since the tsunami from two years ago. [Source]

Shannon Point Research - $508, 300 Awarded (2012)

Scientists at Western Washington University's Shannon Point Marine Center have received a $346, 000 grant from the Major Research Instrumentation program of the National Science Foundation to obtain a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer, an analytical instrument that can be used to identify natural products in the marine environment at the molecular level. [Source]

The center also received a $162, 300 grant to buy a new academic vessel. The new boat will allow for more field work and will serve as a platform for on-site measurements of water quality, nutrient content and the interaction of organisms in the water. The boat also can be used in studies of algal blooms and ocean acidification. [Source]

WTA Hybrid Bus Purchases - $2.82 Million Awarded (2011)

Whatcom Transportation Authority has received a $2.82 million grant to buy five diesel-electric hybrid buses, which should hit streets in late 2012.

The Federal Transit Administration recently awarded WTA funds from a competitive grant program. WTA planned to replace five 18-year-old diesel buses anyway, and it planned to use federal formula grants to replace them.

"It's something that we have wanted to do for a long time, " said Maureen McCarthy, WTA spokeswoman. "It's in our mission. We've acknoweledged that the community has wanted us to do it for some time." [Source]

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