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Elderly woman in Southfield gets a warm home, free-of-charge

Pro-bono job is celebrated as Go Green Energy’s 100th house this year

– Emma Carter, a retired resident of Southfield who owns the home she shares with her sister, can expect to be a lot warmer this winter thanks to Go Green Energy Consulting. Co-Founder Adam Duke is donating energy efficient upgrades to Mrs. Carter’s home, an effort that will bring her yearly energy costs down by more than 30 percent. The upgrades will be installed on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at Mrs. Carter’s home located in Southfield.

Earlier this year Mrs. Carter contacted Go Green Energy with increasing frustration at her high energy bills. She has been paying $2, 800 a year to heat her home, and noticed the furnace was always be running – a sure sign that heat is leaking out of the house. Duke performed a blower door test and discovered the amount of energy leaving her home was equal to a 3-foot gaping hole in the side of her house.

Living on a fixed income means that Mrs. Carter couldn’t afford the improvements that would seal up her house and make it warmer and

more energy efficient. Duke had been looking for a house to improve pro-bono, as a way to celebrate 100 houses served this year and to show the community appreciation for his growing business success. He offered Mrs. Carter the improvements for free and she gratefully accepted.

“When people ask what I do for a living I tell them I keep families warm and happy, ” said Duke. “I’ve been fortunate to launch and grow a fulfilling business doing just that. But sometimes that’s not enough – sometimes giving back by donating to those who greatly deserve it is just the right thing to do.”

Improvements that will be made to Mrs. Carter’s home include insulating the attic, rim joists and existing recessed lights throughout the home (a common but little-known source of energy loss), and air sealing done throughout. Go Green will also help Mrs. Carter apply for rebates through Consumers Energy’s Home Performance Program.

Go Green Energy Consulting™ is a home energy performance company in Southfield Michigan.

From assessing energy efficiency to installing the improvements that save energy and money, Go Green Energy seeks to give every client the most comfortable home on the block.

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What is the best source for green energy for homes?

Solar energy is arguably the most recognizable source of energy for home use. Solar panels have been on roofs in some areas of the country for decades. And while it is an effective source of renewable energy for many people it isn't their best option. The reasons for that are:
1. Not every part of the country gets a lot of sunny weather and therefore there will be many days when you aren't generating electricity.
2. Solar panels won't work at night and no matter how sunny Your climate there will be a big part of the day, every day, when you aren't producing electricity.
3. On averag…