Green Energy Development


ACCIONA Green Energy

We are the agent – not the dominant operator – with the highest volume of energy negotiated on the Spanish electric power market.

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments is the ACCIONA Energy subsidiary company that manages the sale of the energy produced by the group's plants, and also by other Special Regime producers. Clients benefit from the Group's technical capability and experience, which are always adapted to the client's needs.

ACCIONA Green Energy is the Spanish energy agent - not dominant operator - with the highest volume of energy negotiated in the market. If offers its customers security and stability by belonging to a Spanish business group of proven solvency, with no credit risk, extensive experience and a vocation to remain in the market. It is also the only Energy Agent that manages both Special Regime and Ordinary Regime technologies; this gives it a broader market vision, an advantage that it passes on to its customers through the services it provides.

ACCIONA Green Energy also participates in CESUR auctions, is a member of the OMIP futures market and OTC markets, which enables it to follow the futures market in real time and keep its clients up-to-date on the main trends.AccionGreenEnergy1.gif ACCIONA Green is also a member of a number of electric power sector associations, which means it can speak directly to the Administration about regulatory changes and inform its clients of developments in this field and their repercussions.

The Company is also present in other businesses that are closely related and complementary to the sale of electric power in wholesale markets. It sells electricity generated from renewable sources with a 100% guarantee accredited by the Spanish National Energy Commission (CNE), thereby consolidating its position as a key player in the different mechanisms for the promotion of clean energies.

ACCIONA Green Energy also manages ACCIONA Group's carbon credit portfolio (CDM Projects and allocations to installations affected by the 2008-2012 NAP), offers access to third parties to emission trading markets (purchase and sale of carbon emission rights, EUA swap for CERs, etc.) and negotiates bilateral energy coverage with independent producers.

The different lines of business in which ACCIONA Green Energy work give it a broader vision of the electric power business; this enables it to adapt quickly to future changes in the sector, continuously improving the services offered to its clients.

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Does Obama want high oil prices to fuel his desire for "green energy"?

Are higher prices of oil good for "green energy" development? Is this why Obama got the USA involved in the civil war in Libya?

Yes and to fuel his campaign fund as George Soros is making a mint and of course investing in 0bama