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Q1News_MillenniumApril: Auspicious & Alarming Anniversaries
A Message From Matt
As April is upon us, we have a few important dates that really define the challenges we face as humanity and the future health of planet Earth. Yes, on April 22, we will ‘celebrate’ Earth Day, but we will also mark some tragic reminders of our nation and world’s addiction to dirty fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear power.


Explosive Dialogue:
Global Green Seminars on Energy Futures
The Global Green USA Security and Sustainability Program is launching a seminar series titled "Energy Futures: Nuclear Power, Global Warming and Nonproliferation." As lobbying by the nuclear industry increases in the United States and as Washington DC and the press posit a "nuclear renaissance" for commercial nuclear power, it is important that the environmental, economic and security aspects of nuclear power be closely and objectively examined and more fully understood.


Fighting Poverty with Energy Efficiency
New Orleans homeowner Shirley Johnigan was distraught over high utility bills, which averaged nearly $400 a month, even though her income was 80% below the area median income. She felt like she would have had to move out of the Gentilly neighborhood she so dearly loved. "I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, " she said. "I couldn't afford my medicine and my utility bill."


The Tragedy in Japan:
The Future of Nuclear Energy - by Marina Voronova

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Commercial for green energy - what website/organization?

Okay, there is this commercial on TV (or was) with someone saying something along the lines of "we were the first ones.." and then it talks about going to the Normandy, having civil rights ... and then there are some wind turbines. I was going to show this commercial to a friend, but can't find it anywhere, due to lack of
website & company
I think I remember that in the end of the commercial the website is centered on the bottom, with like a green letter in it... anybody know what I am looking for? :-)

Thats the "WE" commercial. Thats the climate change marketing that Al Gore is bankrolling with 300 million of his own money.

Is there a website where i can submit a green energy idea?

Yes, you can submit your green living ideas at or! on!