Gasifier for Green Energy

Xylowatt LogoXylowatt transforms wood into gas for CHP from biomass sources such as;

  • Saw mill by products
  • Forestry residues
  • Recycled wood
  • Agricultural by products e.g. straw

Small-scale CHP plants (Cogeneration Heat & Power) are the ideal solutions for providing heat and electrical energy to industries and to local communities. The technology is particularly well suited to biomass resources which are often spread over large areas and which are costly to transport. In addition to this decentralized advantage, XYLOWATT technology brings solutions for green electricity production and the abatement of carbon taxes.

XYLOWATT was created as a result of more than 20 years of intensive University research at the Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Research was done into biomass energy systems, gasification systems and gas motors.

Xylowatt imageThe installation of several modules in parallel is possible, enabling electrical power outputs from 300 kW to 10 MW. The biomass-to-energy conversion rates are particularly high:

  • 75% overall net efficiency
  • 28% gross electrical efficiency
  • 25% net electrical efficiency
  • 50% heat efficiency

Two standard models are available:

  1. Biomass Combined Heat and Power
    Biomass CHP market is growing in industrialized & emerging regions. While originally addressed only by combustion technologies, the recent development of gasification technologies will allow reaching better efficiencies in small & mid-scale projects.
  2. Carbon-free gas for industries
    Energy intensive industries face increasing pressure to use carbon-free energy resources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biomass gasification presents strong technical advantages over traditional combustion techniques.
  3. Decentralized electricity.
    While traditional energy resources are unequally spread over the world and need logistic capabilities to be transported, biomass resources can be found almost everywhere across the globe. In decentralized locations (mainly in emerging countries), oil and gas logistical costs make biomass energy resources more attractive, specifically for small-scale applications.

XYLOWATT technology increases the value of available biomass resources by efficient conversion to electricity and heat energy.
The XYLOWATT CHP power plant allows on-site power production with the highest efficiency ever obtained for wood electricity production at this power scale.

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Commercial for green energy - what website/organization?

Okay, there is this commercial on TV (or was) with someone saying something along the lines of "we were the first ones.." and then it talks about going to the Normandy, having civil rights ... and then there are some wind turbines. I was going to show this commercial to a friend, but can't find it anywhere, due to lack of
website & company
I think I remember that in the end of the commercial the website is centered on the bottom, with like a green letter in it... anybody know what I am looking for? :-)

Thats the "WE" commercial. Thats the climate change marketing that Al Gore is bankrolling with 300 million of his own money.

Is there a website where i can submit a green energy idea?

Yes, you can submit your green living ideas at or! on!