Denmark Green Energy tours

Denmark is a frontrunner when it comes to green solutions within the energy field with the ambitious goal to be fossil free by 2050. On- and offshore wind turbines provide more than 28 per cent of Denmark’s electricity consumption today. This is the highest level of wind power integration in the world.

Our partners are specialized in designing and developing green energy tours and have a deep knowledge within green energy – a growing and dynamic field. Our main goal is to give a green introduction to Denmark and make you experience different case stories in almost any language. The tours last from 3-9 hours. A licensed and skilled guide is present during the tours and take the group by the hand and make sure that everything is going smoothly – the guide is also an interpreter when necessary for instance when visiting a company or a Municipality, finally an ecological lunch is included

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Germany and Denmark are two countries that have done the most for green energy?

So is it surprising that they are the two countries with the highest electricity costs.

High electricity costs, forces industry to move, resulting in China and India manufacturing more and building more coal fired stations.

You make a claim that higher electricity prices drive industry to India and China. funny then that Germany has the best performing European economy and is growing faster than any other European economy. Even with a slightly higher energy cost. You don't actually provide any data to support that assertion, so I guess its just something you assumed without any factual basis. The cost of energy is a small part of most high tech manufacturing. An advanced economy will not be hindered by a modest cost impost to better reflect true cost of energy.