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How do I become a Green Deal Assessor?To qualify for the Green Deal or financial incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, all properties will need to undergo an inspection by a certified Green Deal Advisor / Assessor. The inspection, or assessment, will look into the fabric of the building, as well look at the way the occupant(s) of the property use the building in terms of water, gas and electric use etc. The inspection combined with the occupancy assessment helps produce the Green Deal Advice Report.

In order to train to become a

Green Deal Advisor / Assessor as a New Entrant, you will need to train on two separate training courses, which will take 9 days in total, made up of 2 blocks - a 6 day course, Domestic Energy Assessor City & Guilds 6361-01 followed by a 3 day course - Green Deal Advisor Assessor New Entrant City & Guilds 6361 & City & Guilds 6066. If you are already a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor, then you will just need to upgrade your existing energy assessing qualification by taking the Green Deal Advisor Assessor City & Guilds 6066 training course (3 days).

Once you have completed both training courses, and have been officially qualified by City & Guilds, you will then need to register with a

Green Deal Advisor Assessor Organisation - this will give you access to Green Deal Assessment work. You will be paid by Green Deal Providers irrespective of whether the assessment work you undertake generates a Green Deal plan. The Green Deal Providers are organisations which will provide finance and installation of products and they are therefore likely to drive the Green Deal market, particularly in the private sector.
Why are PPL's Green Deal Advisor / Assessor courses the most comprehensive?
The 6 day Domestic Energy Assessor (City & Guilds 6361) course includes extensive theory based learning in the classroom as well as practical exercises within a selection of homes, where you will train to produce Energy Performance Certificates. PPL are one of the very few training providers that give you access to all the City & Guilds required properties, as well as help you make sure your portfolio is all in order before submitted after the course.
The 3 day Green Deal Domestic Advisor (Assessor) training course (City & Guilds 6066) course includes all 3 witness statements and includes a Green Deal customer and Green Deal Advisor situation role-play as part of the assessment.

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What are the UK government’s Green house gases reductions targets and renewable energy targets?

Please give sources.

It doesn't matter since the developing World has not agreed to any reductions for themselves. No matter what Europe and North America does, if China the #1 emitter of all gases and India the #3 emitter of all gases doesn't make any changes the total CO2 will continue to go up. This is not including the other Nations that are putting more power plants on line and building more factories.