Austin Energy Green Choice

Big changes are afoot in the structure of Austin Energy's innovative GreenChoice 100% renewable electricity program. For those who aren't on the program yet, Austin Energy's GreenChoice is an award winning electrical supply offering available to both homeowners and businesses since 2000 and has been at the forefront of enabling citizens to take meaningful actions to advance the shift towards renewable energy as a part of a smart, resilient, domestically-sourced energy strategy.

The new program is flawed as proposed and I believe that the City Council should send this proposal back for further development. Of specific concern is that it introduces the false concepts that renewable energy is always more expensive and that it's costs are not fixed over time.

GreenChoice's mission has been a critical one and it has delivered billions of kWh of impact over the past 13 years. In 2012 alone, public documents show that 2 billion kWh (worth 0m @$.10/kWh) of GreenChoice and other renewable energy supplies were delivered to Austin Energy customers.Graph of Power Supply Adjustment fuel charge vs GreenChoice charge over time By demonstrating that a significant segment of electricity consumers and businesses are personally committed to the idea that a diversified electrical generation plan must include renewable sources, and who are willing to sign long-term power supply agreements to back up their convictions, Austin Energy (AE) is able to go out and provide power supply contractors with a bankable commercial customer contract with which to get Big Finance guys to fund multi-million dollar construction of wind farms. And those wind farms are in real Texas places, located on Texas ranchland with names that may sound vaguely familiar: Sweetwater, King Mountain, Whirlwind, and Hackberry. New contracts just signed in June will have a huge bump in capacity adding 567MW from coastal wind sources in McAllen, Nueces County, Starr County and Corpus Christi.

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Should I go through with these trades?

Trade 1: I'm thinking about trading a.j. green and luck or brady (I gave him the choice) for A.P. I desperately need a RB (Morris, Mathews, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Woodhead are my RBs) and I have plenty of good WRs (Green, Fitzgerald, Garcon, Tavon Austin, Floyd, and Bowe) and i think I'd be fine with either Brady or Luck.
Trade 2: My friend wants Fitzgerald for Julius Thomas.

the second trade depends on your first one. i like the trade of green and brady or luck for ap. yes youre giving up alot, but you can afford it and anyone can use ap on their team. thomas is the tight end to own right now, however, if the first trade takes away green, i dont think it would be a good idea to get rid of fitz. you still need to have that solid player at wr. base it off of the first trade.