What are Green Building materials?

There are many advantages to using green building materials outside of the obvious environmental benefits.

About Green Buildings

Using eco-friendly products for building structures is the crux of sustainable building practices. When sustainable buildings are constructed, the builders aim for:

  • Efficient use of water - To make the most eco-friendly use of water, sustainable building structures use gray water systems for irrigation, low flush toilets and low flow shower heads.
  • Using eco-friendly builders and building materials - This involves the use of sustainable wood, reclaimed wood and other items and recycled construction materials.

Green and eco-friendly building materials are more often than not, more expensive than traditional building materials. The trade off is that green buildings are more energy efficient and definitely make up the up-front expense in energy cost savings. Not only that, but they are environmentally friendly as well. Here are some examples of green building materials:

Wood Materials

While planning the construction of your home or building, there are many green materials from wall studs to flooring:

  • Bamboo flooring - Bamboo takes three years to mature as opposed to the 50-100 years of other trees like maple and oak used for hardwood flooring. This makes it an environmentally sound and environmentally sustainable flooring choice.
  • Cork flooring - Cork is harvested from the bark of the tree, so the tree itself is not cut down and the bark takes about three years to regrow, so it's definitely an environmentally friendly choice. Cork is also naturally hypoallergenic and ant-microbial.
  • Reclaimed wood - This wood is salvaged from demolished buildings and reused.
  • Linoleum - Eco-friendly linoleum flooring is made from items like linseed oil, jute and flax. Another benefit to linoleum flooring is they don't release toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) into the air like vinyl tiles do.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood - Buying raw building materials like wall studs and framing purchased from certified by the FSC. FSC certified manufacturers must adhere to sustainable forestry practices which include, among other standards and practices, preserving the natural habitat and prohibiting the use of hazardous pesticides.



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What is Green Building?

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What's the hottest green building materials startup in the US?

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