Teaching children about Green Building

One of the very interesting things Barry and I got to do while we were in Bali was visit Green School. We had heard about this innovative school that aspires to teach children to live in ways that are sustainable. When we learned that Dewa’s brother-in-law, Jerry, teaches there, we asked for a tour. On a Friday after school Jerry showed us all around.

“Green School in Bali, Indonesia, is giving its students a relevant, holistic and green education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet, ” notes the homepage.

Go to to learn more about this fantastic school.

Go to

to hear Green School founder John Hardy speak about the school.

If you are thinking of building, you could grow enough bamboo in five years for a building the size of the plot where the bamboo is growing; in six years, you can double the size of the building; in seven years, triple the size. Bamboo is a beautiful, strong, sustainable building material as the school and its flooring and furniture all show.

Although I don’t know if the Environmental Bamboo Foundation, Bali, was involved in this Green School project, it has built five all-bamboo homes on Maui. So for those of you there, check them out and let us know what you think. Linda Garland and her Bamboo Foundation are responsible for saving and propagating many types of bamboo. I’ve gotten to see her spectacular home made of bamboo here in Bali. See more information at

Linda Garland is connected to the work of David Sands and Dr. Jules Janssen with ABC (Association for Bamboo in Construction). The International Bamboo Foundation has its office in Paia (on Maui–it’s a small world). Call 808 572-8129 for more information.

If you are thinking about building, consider bamboo. If you are in Bali and want a innovative school, see Green School.


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In addition, Seton will seek a national green building certification for the hospital.

Stamp of approval brings global opportunities to local building companies  — eco-business.com
Key criteria for the scheme included the number of projects completed by the firm that had won the BCA Green Mark, Singapore's national green building certification scheme, the number of staff who had received formal training on the Green Mark and ..

Housing Change  — Journal Review
The building will achieve the silver level of National Green Building Standards for energy efficiency. On the exterior, it will contain a courtyard, rooftop patio, garden area and picnic area.

Santa Cruz planning panel endorses La Bahia Hotel plan  — Santa Cruz Sentinel
The hotel will be constructed to the city's green-building standards and may seek national green-building certification, French said. Some speakers raised concerns about preservation, traffic, parking and the public trade-offs.


Are you familiar with the U.S. Green Building Council?

The council is dedicated to transforming the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated.
The website even has a section titled, "Green Building 101."

I was at the Chicago Green Building Festival last spring, and plan to go again in May.