Redwood Empire Green Building Council

NorthBay biz magazine coverBy Nature’s Design:
Forest Stewardship in Action

Throughout the world, ancient cultures have demonstrated a reverence for trees as part of their core belief. Have we lost our way in the midst of progress and growth?

Author: Lorraine Alexander
North Bay Biz Magazine, December 2013 Issue

On any typical weekend, American consumers plan home projects and purchase lumber. But very few take the time to consider the harvesting practices of the wood product they’re about to purchase or the long-term effect(s) of that selection.Earth at night Often, that wood has been clear-cut from a forest—meaning the entire forest is cut down, leaving nothing behind except trauma for wildlife and something that resembles an obliterated battlefield. There is a better way, and consumer awareness is the first step.

The Power of Your Support - Ray Anderson Video, a Moment of Inspiration

Your participation and Chapter Membership allow us to thrive and to continue our mission. Thank you. With your help, the Redwood Empire Chapter has become a visible, active organization. More than ever before, other like-minded organizations have recognized our work, and now – community leaders offer their support. Your Chapter Membership, along with attendance at our events, and many hours of volunteer time made all the difference. These are all your wins. Without your commitment and generosity, we could not have accomplished this. Let's continue our mission to educate and inform - for our communities… for the environment. Together, we are truly stronger!

David Suzuki Redwood Empire Chapter Annual Picnic Samuel P. Taylor State Park

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