Pollution and Green buildings

Of course, for much of the nation, rain falls through most of the year. To say the least, we need the rain. But it also comes with increased water pollution. Because of all of the paved and otherwise impervious surfaces in our cities, rain mixes with the pollutants that fall onto our city driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and streets, creating a witches' brew of polluted runoff.

Across the nation, an estimated 10 trillion gallons a year of untreated stormwater runs off roofs, roads, parking lots, and other paved surfaces, often through our cities' sewage systems, into rivers and waterways that serve as drinking water supplies and flow to our beaches, increasing health risks, degrading ecosystems, and damaging tourist economies.

But it doesn't have to be that way. A major report the NRDC released yesterday, Rooftops to Rivers II, profiles 14 cities of all sizes using "green infrastructure" - a set of design strategies that mimic nature's own hydrology and allow rain to filter back into the ground right where it falls - to tackle stormwater pollution and sewage overflows.

The way we built cities before we knew better basically capped the ground in concrete, creating at first currents of runoff that as cities grew became torrents. Green infrastructure is a simple and powerful solution: make cities function from a water perspective more like the natural landscape by making them more pervious and, well, green.

The report significantly updates our first edition of Rooftops, which was published five years ago and became something of a report of record on what was then a growing but still boutique movement to solve the polluted runoff problem plaguing urban areas. I hope helps propel more progress by pulling together all of the newest data on green infrastructure's benefits, attributes, economics - and lots of information on what cities across the nation are doing to harvest its many benefits.

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