Hand soap public buildings Green

US public health laws

For a mild foaming handsoap try Gojo’s biodegradable soap. Natural ingredients will leave your hands soft and chemical-free. For dye-free soap, try Focus’ Green Seal Certified gentle liquid hand soap. At a medium consistency, it’s perfect for refilling most soap dispensers. This lotion hand soap comes in green apple scent, or fragrance free. Looking for a small soap dispenser? Purell soap dispenser dispenses more than 1, 700 uses per refill. It's ADA compliant, and easily mounts to any wall with adhesive. For commercial hand soap, try Eco Cleaners’ highly concentrated soap. This hypoallergenic formula will last, and is safe for sensitive skin.

Many of these natural soaps come in 1 gallon jugs, which are great for commercial use in public soap dispensers with recycled paper towels. Also perfect for use in public spaces are high-efficiency hand dryers. Most of our electric hand dryers are GreenSpec listed and can help contribute towards earning LEED credits. Give yourself credit for purchasing ecofriendly products. All of these nature friendly hand soaps are non-toxic, so they’re safe for you and the environment.


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