Green mid-rise Building

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The future of green building is here

What happens when you upgrade the world’s premier benchmark for high-performance green buildings?
LEED v4 is here. And it’s bolder, more specialized, and designed for a better user experience.

Flexibility for projects

LEED v4 includes new market sector adaptations for data centers, warehouses and distribution centers, hospitality, existing schools, existing retail and mid-rise residential projects – to ensure that LEED fits the unique aspects of your project.

LEED Online

Experience the new LEED Online beginning Dec. 9, featuring a more intuitive technology platform and simplified LEED credit submittal requirements.

Credentials & Education

Updated v4 credential exams are coming in spring 2014, to make sure your credential is as cutting-edge as the new LEED rating system.

Better customer experience

We’ve optimized the LEED experience with your challenges and needs at top of mind. We’re offering new services to make the LEED certification process easier than ever, including customer account management, the LEED Coach service and Proven Provider.

Reference Guides

Completely restructured for LEED v4, the traditional reference guides (in print and PDF formats) is also available in a new interactive web-based version. This enhancement offers video tutorials and downloadable templates and presentations.

Forms and Calculators

For LEED v4, forms are now located in LEED Online and the LEED Credit Library, making them more accessible and easier to use. The forms can be seen even without a registered project.

Choose the guide that's right for your project

All hard-copy and e-copy purchases come with 90 day trial access to the web-based guide, renewable annually

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How many stories in a mid rise building?

A mid-rise building is approximately 5 to 10 stories high.

How high is a Mid rise building?

High rise requirements under IBC kick in when last floor is 75' or more above adjoing fire access grade....