Green Building Websites

Green Building Websites

In New York City, where NRDC has been based for 35 years, our green building experts field a lot of phone calls from developers: How do I find an environmentally savvy architect? What are the best bangs for the buck in green building technologies? What are the pitfalls?

We've advised many developers and we're proud of their successes as well as our own success fostering the growth of green building in New York City and far beyond.

With this website, we aim to extend our ability to offer developers, facilities managers and other building professionals practical, tactical advice about green building.

What This Guide Isn't
This is not the first green building website, nor the deepest. Technical resources exist to guide building professionals through the process of building an environmentally sound - aka green - building project, including the authoritative resource, the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program.

What It Is
But in our estimation, this is the first site that concisely outlines the business reasons for getting into green building and then provides a guide to getting started.

Who We Are and Why We Think We Can Advise You
It may seem odd that NRDC, one of the top U.S. environmental advocacy organizations, is a go-to group for real estate developers. But we have some of the best green building and energy efficiency experts in the country on our staff, and we've been "walking the talk" in green building since 1988, when we renovated our New York office, which remains a model of energy and resource efficiency today. We've put green principles into practice in three major office projects since then, saving tens of thousands of dollars in operating costs and keeping millions of pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, sometimes for a premium, sometimes not.

We have been a leader in founding and drafting the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED standards. And recently our Los Angeles and San Francisco offices earned LEED platinum and gold certification, respectively - the two highest green building rankings offered in LEED.

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How to Build a Green Roof?

To build a green roof you first will need to stat out with a waterproof membrane. Add a root barrier and put in drainage layer. Add a filter fabric, put in a growing medium, install

How do i build a Green website?

I'm putting up a green website with a focus on DIY Alternative Energy Guides and i sure would like some input. ie, to much clutter, bad colors, good content, etc. any info would be helpful.


There are many good books about web page design. I'd review them in a large bookstore and pick one that matches your style. Simplicity and creating a site that matches your well-defined objectives is critical.
If you have the money, I'd consider hiring a professional or hiring a professional to consult with you on the design of the site.