Green Building Solutions

Mary Margaret Murphy, Sustainability Associate in Business Development, CxGBS

Mary Margaret Murphy Larry McGill

) has hired Larry McGill to serve as Chief Development Officer and Mary Margaret Murphy as Sustainability Associate in Business Development.

“As more building owners recognize the value of considering a facility’s performance beginning with its design and construction, CxGBS’s pioneering work in the field is increasingly in demand, ” says Christine Miley, CEO and Co-Founder of CxGBS. “Expanding

on our strong track record with government, education and corporate properties, Larry McGill and Mary Margaret Murphy bring invaluable experience that will help ensure we effectively communicate the value of commissioning and green building.”

Larry McGill and Mary Margaret Murphy are responsible for connecting CxGBS with building owners and their partners who want to reduce the total cost of ownership while improving occupant satisfaction. Larry McGill is focused on corporate/commercial and government sectors, while Mary Margaret Murphy is responsible for education and healthcare. The two share responsibility for multi-family, REIT and other property types.

An experienced executive and change agent, Larry McGill’s track record includes more than 15 years as a growth catalyst in professional services, including expertise with environmental and engineering firms. He previously served as Chief Executive Officer of AEC Companies, Environmental Solutions and Blue Scape, Inc., in each instance dramatically increasing company revenues. Larry McGill earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from San Diego State University.

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What is the number for Green County Jail in Springfield, MO?

Greene County Jail, 929 N. Robberson Ave, Springfield, MO 65802. Phone: 417-868-4048

What is the number to Greene County Jail in Springfield MO?

Greene County Jai: 417-868-4048 1000 N Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802 Call 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited use.