Green Building Middle Tennessee

Commercial-CHS-Duro-LastMost people think of a green roof as a plant covered roof. But it primarily means that the roof is friendly to the environment, is sustainable with a prolonged life, and is recyclable.

White is Green

White roof membranes are, in fact, a big part of the green movement. We are re-roofing more buildings every day with these energy saving reflective membranes. Here in southern states, our energy consumption is more in the summer months than in the winter and these reflective membranes are finding their way onto most applications, due to the energy saved from less heat gain.

The blue field in the infrared photo above shows that heat is being properly reflected away from the building, which can be seen in the top photo.

Cool, Light and Sustainable

Many environmentalists give great credit to green roofs assisting us in reducing our urban heat island effect. See the infrared photo at the right to see how much cooler the white roof is than the black asphalt paving. This gives designers and building owners Leed credits toward their scoring system for Leed certification. These single-ply membranes are lighter in weight than old built up asphalt systems and are also recyclable. In many cases we can also re-roof over old built-up roofs and save tearing off and taking it to a land-fill. Thus you have a more sustainable roof system that is friendlier to our environment.

Metal roofs also meet some of these criteria and can be considered Green, and certainly planted roofs over these membranes add more to the protection of our environment. See our Metal roof and Live roof pages for more information of these systems.

Whether you own or manage an office building in middle Tennessee or a school in northern Alabama, Professional Roofing Contractors can take care of your Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Nashville and Huntsville roofing needs…and everywhere in between!

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