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Greenbuild Announcements: Search Engines, Grants and Final Comments on v4

Wow, my Google Reader account was stuffed full of LEED today. Not that it’s incredibly strange to see LEED painted all over the news – because that could not be further than the truth – but for once it was a bounty of positive items from the nation’s leader in green building certification. Here is what you need to know:

  • LEED v4 Comments Close Today

LEED v4 has had its share of scars. The “formerly-known-as LEED 2012” building standard has been stuck in a delay in deployment for some time now. But today, the USGBC can finally breathe some fresh air. The final date for commenting on LEED v4 is today, and from all accounts the backlash, disdain and banter among commenters has come to close. LEED v4 appears to be back on schedule, at a time when the USGBC really needs it.

  • Green Data Search Engine Launches

Wow, now this is pretty cool. For years, LEED users have screamed for the USGBC to do something with the Big Data it collected from projects. Tons and tons of documentation, rife with oodles of important building data, is turned over to LEED reviewers each day. But until now, no one but the organization was privy to this rich and important data.

The USGBC launched the Green Building Information Gateway ( as a part of its annual Greenbuild conference. GBIG aggregates data from green building projects all over the world, allowing third parties to search and sift through the data that they once craved. Now, you can find out all of the green building activity in Seattle over a specific date and time; or maybe you want to see the green activities of Seattle City Light. Either way, the data is right there on your screen. Very cool.
  • Google Tosses $3 Million Into USGBC’s Product Research Project

The USGBC has long had the difficult task of figuring out which of the 1, 000, 000s of green building products actually fit within it’s standard. The organization never promoted products, but it did recently begin providing resources to users on where to find what, and how they are performing. But the organization’s delay of LEED v4 has been rumored to have resulted from serious meshing problems between new products and LEED’s blanket product regulations that outlaw certain chemicals.

Now, the USGBC is digging deeper into products. Thanks to a $3 Million grant from Google, the organization will survey, poll and evaluate a number of products and find a better way to determine whether or not they are agreeable with the building standard. Well, it’s certainly a good start.

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