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The 1996 Legislature approved House Bill 403 which authorized charter schools in Florida. The bill was signed by the Governor on May 17, 1996. Under this law, private charter entities may enter into agreements with school boards to provide educational services to district students. The facilities in which these educational services are provided must meet minimum requirements as established in the Charter School Law.

Facilities Requirements as Stated in Statute

Section 1002.33(19), F.S., is entitled "FACILITIES." Sub-section (a) reads as follows:

"A startup charter school shall utilize facilities which comply with the Florida Building Code pursuant to Chapter 553 except for the State Requirements for Educational Facilities. Conversion charter schools shall utilize facilities that comply with the State Requirements for Educational Facilities provided that the school district and the charter school have entered into a mutual management plan for the reasonable maintenance of such facility. The mutual management plan shall contain a provision by which the district school board agrees to maintain charter school facilities in the same manner as its other public schools within the district. Charter schools, with the exception of conversion charter schools, are not required to comply, but may choose to comply, with the State Requirements for Educational Facilities of the Florida Building Code adopted pursuant to Section 1013.37. The local governing authority shall not adopt nor impose local building requirements or restrictions that are more stringent than those found in the Florida Building Code. The agency having jurisdiction for inspection of a facility and issuance of a certificate of occupancy shall be the local municipality or, if in an unincorporated area, the county governing authority, "

Section 1002.33(19)(c) reads as follows:

"Charter school facilities shall utilize facilities which comply with the Florida Building Code, pursuant to chapter 553, and the Florida Fire Prevention Code, pursuant to chapter 633."

Guidelines to Meet Statute

    The language of the statute may need interpretation. What does it mean?
      Chapter 553 of the Florida Statutes identifies the state minimum building codes. Chapter 633, F.S., identifies the state minimum fire safety codes. All buildings in the state are required to meet these standards as a minimum. Each local jurisdiction may add more restrictive requirements. The building codes are the Florida Building Code 2001, with 2002 Revisions, which includes Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, and Test Protocols for High Velocity Hurricane Zones. The state electrical standards are listed in Section 553.19, F.S. The state minimum fire safety standard is the Florida Fire Prevention Code, 2001. Privately owned or leased educational facilities must meet the requirements of the state minimum codes referenced in statute and local building department amendments.

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