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Charles David Keeling Apartments, La Jolla, California by KieranTimberlake (Photo: Lenska ...The American Institute of Architects announced its top ten green buildings in the US for 2013 on Monday (Earth Day, uncoincidentally). It's a diverse list, containing a cheese factory, senior citizens' apartments, school buildings, and a smattering of LEED certificates. There's only one net zero building on the list, though it's worth remembering that it's much easier to build a net zero home than it is a net zero office or factory. Step inside for a short profile of each of the buildings, or head straight to the gallery for the architectural eye candy.

Charles David Keeling Apartments – KieranTimberlake

The brand new Charles David Keeling Apartments belong to UC San Deigo's Revelle College. According to the AIA, the priorities were reducing carbon emissions and water consumption due to water scarcity in South California.A New Norris House: perhaps the most modest building in the AIA's top ten (Photo: Ken McCo... The building's thermal mass pulls or pushes heat from and to the interior as air temperature changes. Wastewater is recycled on site, and excess rainfall from the rooftop garden is directed to storage in the building's courtyard.

Other features: solar gain reduction; natural ventilation

Photo: Lenska Aerial Photography

Clock Shadow Building – Continuum Architects + Planners

Another new development on a brown field site, this time in Milwaukee, the tenants of the excellently named Clock Shadow Building include an ice cream parlor and an artisan cheese store. Environmentally-friendly thermal controls are the watchword, here. The building's large south-facing windows are screened to limit solar gain during summer months, but let the Sun's rays spill in during the winter. During the changeable spring and fall months, building occupants are free to open the windows: a trait less common in commercial buildings than you might think.

Clock Shadow Building, Milwaukee by Continuum Architects + Planners (Photo: Tricia Shay) Federal Center South Building 1202, Seattle by ZGF Architects LLP (Photo: Benjamin Benschn... Marin Country Day School Learning Resource Center and Courtyard, Corte Madera, California ... Merritt Crossing Senior Apartments, Oakland, California by Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects (...


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1964 federal law set stage for the second “W” in Boundary Waters Canoe Area ..  — Grand Forks Herald
DULUTH -- The wheels were set in motion in 1902, when federal officials set aside a half-million acres in northeastern Minnesota, keeping it wild instead of offering it to homesteaders. Advertisement.


What is the phone number for the medical arts building in duluth mn?

Medical Arts 324 W Superior St Duluth, MN 55802 (218) 727-0080